Kamis, 19 Oktober 2017

Hungary Offers To Boost Educational Cooperation With Bali

id Educational Cooperation, Ambassador of Hungary to Indonesia,
Denpasar (Antara Bali) - Ambassador of Hungary to Indonesia, Judit NemethPach, has offered to strengthen the educational cooperation with Indonesian province of Bali by providing scholarships to students from Bali who wish to continue their studies in Hungary.

"The scholarships will not only cover the tuition fees but also the living costs," Ambassador Nemeth Pach said here on Monday, after he met Bali Governor, I made Mangku Pastika.

Regarding the educational cooperation, the quota on the number of students exchange will be raised, he stated, without elaborating.

In addition to educational cooperation, Hungary also wished to cooperate with Bali in the fields of economy, agriculture, and culture.

Hungary also planned to open the market for zalacca, a typical beverage of Bali.

"Bali is a province that plays a very important role and has become a major tourist destination for our citizens," the envoy stated.

In the meantime, Pastika hailed and appreciated the scholarships offer as a bid to improve the quality of Bali`s human resources.

"Bali does not have natural wealth like other regions. We only have culture, nature, and human resources. Thus, an increase in quality of human resources is very necessary. I appreciate all forms of scholarships provided (by Hungary)," Pastika disclosed.

The governor also lauded Hungarys envoy regarding the cooperation in the agricultural sector and market for zalacca. (WDY)

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