Senin, 23 Oktober 2017

Survey Aircarft Believed To Have Crashed At Mount Pilar

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Samarinda (Antara Bali) - A rescue team is concentrating search at Mount Pilar in the regency of Kutai Timur for the survey aircraft missing with four people on board since Friday.

"The team is heading for a location where the aircraft was believed to have crashed," Samarinda police chief Senior Commissioner Arief Prapto said on Saturday.

The team members have to walk over a 20-kilomter battered track  to reach the location, Arief said, adding they are expected to reach the location this morning.

Earlier, Rajoki Aritonang, head of the Temindung airport of  Samarinda said the airport lost contact with the aircraft on Friday morning, but later said the aircraft was strongly believed to have crashed at Kutai National Park on the border area between the Kutai Timur regency and the city of Bontang.

"Based on what local people said the aircraft was believed to have crashed at Mount Pilar around 13 kilometers from the Teluk Tabah  coast  in the Kutai National Park," Rajoki said.(IGT)

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