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The Trial Of Anand Krishna Entered A New Phase

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Denpasar (Antara Bali) -The trial against Indonesia Interfaith Spiritual  Activist Anand Krishna, who
allegedly violating Article 290 and 294 of  the Criminal Penal Code about Sexual Harassment entered a new phase.

This time in the presiding court, the defense attorneys presented expert witness on Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Adi W  Gunawan, well known as Indonesia leading expert in mind technology,  Prof. Dr. Luh Ketut Suryani SpKJ, and expert witness on criminal law Prof. Dr. H. Dwidja Priyatno,SH, MH, SPN - Rector of the University Suryakancana, Cianjur.

In a close session held at the South Jakarta District Court, May 18, 2011, the founder of CASA (Committee Against Sexual Abuse), Prof. Suryani questioned why there were the 45 sessions of therapy within 90 days conducted by the hypnotherapist to the complainant? Head of  Psychiatry Laboratory of Medical Faculty of Udayana  University added, "these so many sessions of therapy in short time like  this could be called as brainwashing."

She also explained that a  woman who had sexually abused before, most likely could not be  smiling or laughing when appeared several times in public on national  televisions, and at the same time easily told that  she was a victim who had long suffered sexual abuse.

"The first impression arisen when looking at the accuser  behaving like that, was that she was only seeking popularity", she said.

Concerning  the confession of the complainant (Tarra) based on police dossier, Prof. Suryani also explained that the complainant had to be given psychiatric treatment instead of psychological.

And, psychologists were not doctors and could not prescribe the  drug, so  in such  circumstances, hypnotherapy sessions could not help her. Instead, it  could lead to even more severe situation and condition.

Another Expert Witness on  hypnosis and hypnotherapy, Adi W Gunawan blamed to the lack of  professionalism for any  hypnotherapists who performed the therapy up to 45 times within three months to his/her client as experienced  by the complainant.

"This could be misled as memory implant instead of  (healing) therapy, " said founder of Quantum Hypnosis Indonesia which issuing professional certificate of hypnotherapist in Indonesia.

Both Prof. Suryani and Adi Gunawan said that actually the  trauma of abuse, including trauma of being rape, could be addressed in a 1 to a maximum of 4 sessions.

Adi W Gunawan also expressed his doubt in the qualification of the complainant's hypnotherapist who just gained her skill from a long  distance course as new graduate.

He further said that the confession from hypnotherapy sessions could not be used in  the trial because of its subjectivity.

Later,  expert witness on criminal law, Prof. Dwidja  Priyatno testified that according to Article 290 of Indonesian Criminal Code that the victim of sexual harassment was in a state of unconscious or physically powerless. 

However, the complainant had testified in the police and  court that she was always fully aware of what she had done, remembered  all the events very well, and no coercion.

Further more, highlighting article 294 of Criminal Penal Code, Prof. Dwidja emphasized  that prosecutor was too "excited" to bring the case into the court by bringing 4 people who claim to be witnesses, but clearly in the court that no witness had directly witnessed the allegedly act of sexual  abuse.

Instead they told their own version of being allegedly sexually abuse five years ago with no witness and no legal fact also. According to the professor of criminal  law who they could not become witnesses for this case.(*)

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