Indonesia Must Prepare New Strategy Following Xi-Trump Meeting

Indonesia Must Prepare New Strategy Following Xi-Trump Meeting

US President Donald Trump (left) shakes hands with Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang (right) when he meets APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting, in Da Nang, Vietnam. (NTARA FOTO/POOL/YU/wdy/2017)

Panzhou, Guizhou (Antara Bali) - Indonesia must prepare a new strategy related to the global economy after the meeting between China`s President Xi Xiping and his US counterpart Donald Trump in Beijing on Nov 8-11.

This statement was made by Evan Pujonggo, spokesman of the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing .

"We certainly have to outline a new strategy with China and even with the ASEAN and some countries, such as India and Russia, after the meeting between Xi and Trump," the embassy's third secretary for economic affairs remarked here on Saturday.

According to Pujonggo, in addition to being able to capitalize on the various opportunities, Indonesia should anticipate the worst-case scenario in terms of the China-US relations in future.

"There is an opportunity for Indonesia, as China is worried about the US," Pujonggo stated on the sidelines of the Tuole Forum: China-ASEAN Cooperation for Production Capacity Increase.

However, Indonesia should also be able to take precautionary measures against some US policies that are in fact not conducive for the global economy.

"If the US has issued a policy, such as withdrawing investments and all types of US investments everywhere, then the situation could be similar to that in 1997, and the victims would be the Asian countries," he pointed out.

However, he did acknowledge the positive aspect of the Xi-Trump three-day Beijing meeting that was held in a conducive environment.

"Moreover, Trump is now actually trying to encourage China to take steps to narrow its trade surplus with the US," the young diplomat from Pasuruan, East Java, noted.

The media in China is optimistic that the meeting would have a positive impact on the future of the China-US partnership.

Even before the meeting of the two heads of state, China had opened wider opportunities for the imports of beef products from the US.  (WDY)