Foreign and Domestic Tourists Stay For 3.04 Days On The Average In Bali

Pewarta : Reported by I Ketut Sutika

Foreign and Domestic Tourists Stay For 3.04 Days On The Average In Bali

Wisatawan mancanegara (wisman) berada di kawasan terminal kedatangan internasional Bandara Ngurah Rai, Bali, Sabtu (30/4). (ANTARA FOTO/Fikri Yusuf/pd/16)(edm)

Denpasar (Antara Bali) - Guests of star rated hotels among foreign  and domestic tourists in Bali stayed for 3.04 days on the average  in June or 0.14 day shorter than  in May this year.

"In May, 2017, the length of stay of tourist guest of star rated hotels in the tourist island averaged 3.18 days  in one visits,"  head of the provincial office of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) Adi Nugroho said here on Monday.

Domestic guests stayed for 2.54 days on the average in June  or 0.07 day shorter than 2.61 days in May, Adi said, adding foreign guests stayed longer averaging 3.24 days in June  or 0.16 day shorter than in May.

In June , Bali recorded 504,141 visits by foreign tourists , up 24.22 percent year-on-year  and 3.02 percent from May, 2017.

Foreign guests of one-star hotels stayed for 3.83 days on the average in June, 2017,  or 0.38 days longer than 3.45 days in May.

Meanwhile domestic guests stayed only for 1.8 days in June  or 1.47 days shorter  than in 3.27 days in May.

Foreign guests stated for 2.45 days at two-star hotels  and for 3.02 days at 3-star hotels. Domestic guests stayed for 1.65 days at 2-star hotels and 2.11 days at 3-star hotels on the average.

Foreign guests of 4-star hotels stayed for 3.52 days and domestic guests for 2.57 days. Five-star hotels recorded a length of stay of 3.21 days for foreign guests  and 4 days for domestic guests, Adi said. (WDY)
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