Mt. Agung erupts with incandescent lava flowing for 3 kilometers

Pewarta : Bambang Purwanto

Mt. Agung erupts with incandescent lava flowing for 3 kilometers

Mount Agung in Karangasem district, Bali, erupted again on Friday (May 24) at 19:23 a.m., spewing incandescent lava in all directions for as far as 2.5 to three kilometers.

"Yes, there has been an eruption. The height of the ash column was not reported; however, there was a roaring noise at the observation post," said Head of the Bali Provincial Disaster Management Agency, I Made Rentin, here on Friday night.

The eruption was recorded on a seismogram with a maximum amplitude of 30 mm and a duration of some four minutes and 30 seconds. Even though Mount Agung erupted again, it is still at Level III (Standby) status.


The eruption, which occurred at 7:23 pm, affected several areas in Karangasem district, which were exposed to thick ash and sand, including Pempatan Village, Besakih Village, Menanga Village, Sebudi Village, Muncan Village, Amerta Bhuana Village, Nongan Village, Rendang Village and several areas in Bangli district.

Rentin called on people living around Mount Agung not to move within a radius of four kilometers from the peak crater. The hazard estimation zone is dynamic and continues to be evaluated and can change at any time following the latest observation data on Mount Agung.

In addition, people have been asked to equip themselves with masks if they leave their houses and always follow directions from officials.

"Increase preparedness. If there is a larger eruption, people must evacuate in an orderly manner, according to the agreed evacuation plan. Don't panic, keep calm, and let's pray that we are all protected by Hyang Widhi (God)," said Rentin.


Editor: Edy M Yakub