Marseilles tourism office to explore cooperation with Bali

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Marseilles tourism office to explore cooperation with Bali

Illustration - Sejumlah penari menampilkan tarian tradisional Bali saat kegiatan "Cultural Tourism Gallery" di Nusa Dua, Badung, Bali, Sabtu (1/9). (ANTARA FOTO/FIKRI YUSUF/)

Denpasar, Bali (Antaranews Bali) - Director of Marseilles City Tourism Office, France, Maxime Tissot, is interested in exploring mutually beneficial cooperation in tourism with Bali.

"I want to explore cooperation between Bali and Marseilles, France in increasing the number of tourist visits because the tourism potential of both areas is proven to increase tourist arrivals," Tissot said when meeting with a member of regional legislative council, Gede Pasek Suardika, here Saturday night (Nov 3)

He invited Bali to work together in the tourism sector, including in the field of cruise ships management. The tourism office is ready to accept Bali to learn about the cruise port system in Marseilles.

According to Tissot, Marseilles with a population of one million people welcomes seven million foreign tourists every year. Therefore, Marseille has a very strategic value as a location for tourism promotion.

"We will prepare a counter which provides information about Bali in Marseille, and vice versa, we ask for a counter that contains tourism information about Marseilles in Bali," Tissot said, adding that the Marseilles Tourism Office has also met with the Bali Tourism Board (BTB) to discuss the cooperation.

Meanwhile, Suardika, who is also a facilitator of the cooperation, said this cooperation was expected to reduce the cost of tourism promotion.

"They get benefits, and so do we. People on vacation are not only visiting one place. Moreover, the number of tourist visits in Marseilles is 700 percent higher than the population of only one million people," said the politician, adding that the counter is a very simple step to increase the number of tourists in both areas.

"They have accepted the idea. And, now we are waiting for the local administrations to follow up the idea. The Marseilles Tourism Office also offers training on tourism port management. They are ready to facilitate the program," he said.

According to Suardika, the management of special tourism port in Marseilles is very good because once tourists arrive in the city, they are immediately welcomed by various tourism agendas, making them interested in traveling to many more places and spending many more money.

"Tourists who come with cruise line must be those from come from high level, meaning the amount of money they spend is also much more," he said. (*)
Editor: Edy M Yakub