governor unveils "Bali Art Carnival II"

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governor unveils

Peserta pawai Bali Art Carnival II

Denpasar, Bali (Antara) - Bali`s Governor Made Mangku Pastika unveiled the cultural parade "Bali Art Carnival II" in front of Jayasabha Building, Denpasar, by sounding the "Okokan" or a traditional musical instrument of Tabanan District in Bali.

"We expect more participants who can give meaning to the Mandara Nawanatya Bali event," Pastika stated on the sidelines of the `Bali Art Carnival II` parade on Saturday.

"Bali Art Carnival II" is one of the series of Bali Mandara Nawanatya III art weekend, which starts today (March 3) and will be conducted till the end of 2018 at Taman Budaya Art Center in Denpasar.

Pastika appreciated the carnival participants who utilized newspapers, plastics, bottles, and palm leaves to make beautiful and unique costumes.

"Using the bottles is actually our idea of ?recycling that could tackle the garbage problem," he noted, along with the Bali Clean and Green program, which was launched by the Bali Government.

Meanwhile, Head of Bali`s Cultural Office, Dewa Putu Beratha, remarked that "Bali Art Carnival," with its implementation for the second time, is expected to become a new tourist destination.

Beratha expressed hope that the Bali Art Carnival can become a worldwide arts event in the future, just like the Bali Arts Festival Parade, which involves overseas participants.

"This event is limited to Banyuwangi`s participants, but we hope it would be the world`s event that could attract even foreign artists to Bali," he reiterated.

The participants of the cultural parade are high school students in Bali with carnival costumes that symbolize the gods and animals. They utilize used items such as used bottles, plastics, palm leaves, old newspapers, etc.

The carnival, with theme "Tri Bhuana Kertih," or the harmony of the three layers of the universe, was not only followed by young artists from Bali but also by the honor of Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival.

The ambassadors and artists from Bali who will participate in the carnival include Yayasan Penggak Men Mersi, SMA Bali Mandara, Kisrama Production-Singaraja, Fortuna Management-Singaraja, and Pancer Langiit Art Community.

For music, there will be 100 people from Sekaa Okokan Brahma Diva Kencana-Tabanan, Marching Band of SMANSA Denpasar, and Sekaa Baleganjur "Babaiswara" Pancer Langiit Art Community, who will enliven the event.

The parade participants will walk down from Surapati Street to Hayam Wuruk Street in Denpasar. Finally, the parade tour will end at Taman Budaya Art Center on Nusa Indah Street in Denpasar. (*)
Editor: Edy M Yakub