Australia holds film festival to intensify ties with indonesia

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Australia holds film festival to intensify ties with indonesia

Konsul Jenderal Australia di Denpasar Helena Studdert saat Festival Sinema Australia Indonesia 2018 di Level 21 Denpasar. (Foto Antara Bali/Dwa/2018) (Foto Antara Bali/Dwa/2018/)

Denpasar (Antaranews Bali) - The Australian Consulate General in Denpasar, Bali, is organizing the 2018 Festival Sinema Australia Indonesia 2018 (FSAI 2018) to strengthen relations between both nations.

The FSAI 2018 aims to showcase the best films from several talented filmmakers of both Australia and Indonesia.

Being held on Jan 25-28 in the four Indonesian cities of Jakarta, Surabaya, Makasar, and Denpasar, the films highlight diversity, which has become a part of reality of both countries in the modern world.

Selected filmmakers are participating in the festival to meet film enthusiasts in Jakarta and Denpasar.

"We view this film festival as a platform to introduce Australian films to the Indonesian people and to build relations between the two countries," Australian Consul General Helena Studdert remarked in Denpasar on Saturday.

According to Studdert, films offer a platform to showcase the lifestyle and multicultural values to promote the tourism potential of a country.

FSAI 2018 not only showcases curated films from Australia and the host country Indonesia but also the finalists of the Short Film Competition: Amak (Mother), The Last Day of School, The Letter, Rep-repan, Pranata Mangsa, and Tuwaga (Under Wraps).

The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to participate in the Melbourne International Film Festival this year.

Studdert noted that cultural diplomacy, through the works of cinema, will also strengthen understanding and concurrently provide access to the people of different countries to gain a broader understanding of the varied thought processes, arts, and culture. Moreover, Indonesia and Australia are neighboring countries that share close relations.

Allaster Cox, deputy head of Mission of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, remarked that the FSAI 2018 will screen films of various genres, ranging from drama, romance, and horror to thriller and comedy.

The festival kicked off with the screening of "Ali`s Wedding" that showcases Australia`s diverse society in terms of ethnicity, culture, or religion.

Directed by Jeremy Walker and based on a true story, the film depicts the life of an Australian-Iranian Muslim named Ali who is caught in a dilemma to decide between fulfilling his duties to his family and following his heart. (*)
Editor: Edy M Yakub