Activities of people in Bali back to normal after seclusion day

Pewarta : Reported by Fikri Yusuf

Activities of people in Bali back to normal after seclusion day

Ilustration- A number of teenagers hold traditional Goak-Goakan games in traditional series on Ngembak Geni Day or one day after Nyepi Day in Panji Village, Buleleng, Bali. (ANTARA FOTO/Wira Suryantala)

Mangupura (Antaranews Bali) - Hindu activities in Bali began to conduct normally as usual on Sunday, after the ritual of the Seclusion Day for 24 hours starting from Saturday (March 17) at 06.00 a.m. until Sunday (March 18) at 06.00 a.m. local time.

Antara journalist said in Dewata Custom Village has been normal after 06.00 a.m. after the roads were quiet during the Seclusion Day.

Not only Hindus, other religious residents who for a day earlier were also inside the house, seemed to have started out of the house. Tourists and guests who all day enjoyed the atmosphere of the Seclusion Day from within the hotel, also started to go out.

Although the activities of residents after the Seclusion Day has started to be normal, it seemed the atmosphere of feast days was still felt in Bali. This is because today Hindus in Bali enter "Ngembak Geni" which means free to light a fire.

Tuban Secretary of Custom Bendesa, I Wayan Mendra explained, even though during Ngembak Geni community members can move like in a normal day most Hindus made use of that day to perform Dharma Santi Nyepi or mutual hospitality.

"Just like Muslims who stay in touch with Eid al-Fitr, we after undergoing silence of Brata chess or Ngembak Geni also stay in touch with family and friends," he said.

I Wayan Mendra said some activities held included "Mejelangu Market" which is from the tradition of "Med-Medan" or tug of war.

"The Majelangu market that we currently hold along Tuban road will accommodate hundreds of the people who open booths selling small and medium goods from local to international scales," he added.  (WDY)
Editor: Edy M Yakub