Badung Fishermen Receives Insurance Protection From Fisheries Ministry

Pewarta : Reported by I Made Surya

Badung Fishermen Receives Insurance Protection From Fisheries Ministry

Ilustrasi - Nelayan memindahkan ikan tangkapan dari jaring usai melaut di kawasan Pantai Kedonganan, Badung, Bali, Jumat (6/1). ANTARA FOTO/Fikri Yusuf/wdy/17. (edm)

Mangupura (Antara Bali) - At least 525 fishermen in the regency of Badung, Bali, have been given insurance protection under the program of the Marine and Fisheries Ministry in providing protection and security in the sea for coastal people.

"The Marine and Fisheries Ministry has given only insurance protection for around 500 fishermen in the first phase in the regency of Badung," head of the Bali Fisheries Office Putu Oka Swadiana said in Mangupura on Sunday.

Putu Oka said his office would see that all fishermen estimated to total 1,852 in that area would be covered with insurance protection under the program.

Oka Swandiana said not all of the fishermen have been covered by the program but the number of has exceeded the target set by the ministry .

"There are technical difficulty in producing fishermen membership cards," he added.

He said his office has yet to wait for an instruction from the ministry about the process of providing insurance protection for all fishermen.

He said the insurance is aimed at protecting and maintaining the safety of fishermen in the sea with premium provided by the central government.

In the program, the Badung district administration is in charge of taking inventory in cooperation with Jasindo in distributing insurance policy to fishermen.

The conditions are very simple and easy as the fishermen need only to prepare family card and other related documents confirming that they are fishermen from that area.

A fishermen is insured for Rp200 million if he died when fishing in the sea and Rp150 million if he died on land . (WDY)
Editor: Edy M Yakub