Jokowi Distributes 2,797 Land Certificates In Bali

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Jokowi Distributes 2,797 Land Certificates In Bali

Presiden serahkan sertifikat kepada masyarakat Bali dalam program sertifikat tanah untuk rakyat di Lapangan Mangupraja Mandala Badung, Bali, Jumat (8/9). (Foto: Biro Pers Setpres) (edm)

Mangunpura (Antara Bali) - President Joko Widodo distributed 2,797 land ownership certificates in Badung district, Bali, Friday, as part of the program in which 3,500 certificates were issued through Complete, Systematic Land Registration (PTSL) program.

"This program is aimed at preventing land disputes in districts and cities caused by the unavailability of certificates. I do not want land disputes with neighbors, government or companies to happen again in Indonesia," he said.

President Jokowi stated the government had set a target of producing five million certificates this year, seven million in 2018 and nine million in 2019.

He admitted that the total number of plots needing certification in the country had reached 126 million, but so far only 46 million of them had been certified.

"So, there are still many plots of land that need to be certified. I have ordered the minister of agrarian and spatial affairs/head of National Land Agency (BPN) to finish land certification, and immediately distribute the certificates to the people, he remarked.

On the occasion, President Jokowi again called on the people to develop brotherhood, reiterating that Indonesia was a big country that consisted of 17,000 islands, 516 districts/cities, 34 provinces and 714 different tribes.

"Let us maintain our brotherhood, as we are brothers of the same nation and country. I have an advise to BPN offices across the regions to give quick service to the people seeking certification of their land, so that the certificates can be issued immediately," he mentioned.

He affirmed that he had already paid attention to the BPN`s proposal by increasing the number of workers in charge of measuring land from 2,000 to 4,500.

Minister of agrarian and spatial affairs Sofyan Djalil said there was actually a total of 3,500 certificates issued under the PTSL program to be distributed that day, but only 2,797 recipients had been present.

"The situation happened possibly because some failed to come to receive them, or some got more than one certificate," he said.

The 2,797 certificates were distributed to recipients from five districts in Bali, including Badung, Tabanan, Gianyar, Denpasar and Klungkung.

Djalil hoped all plots of land in Bali would be certified by 2019. (WDY)
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