Seasandland Festival Kuta Exhibits Cultural Parade

Pewarta : Reported by I Made Surya

Seasandland Festival Kuta Exhibits Cultural Parade

Kuta Sea Sand Land Festival. (Antara Bali/I Made Surya/wdy/17)

Kuta (Antara Bali) - Kuta Sea Sand Land Festival, firstly held by the Public Empowerment Agency (LPM) Kuta along with Badung Municipal Government, Bali, exhibited arts parade and musical concerts which was also aimed to celebrate Indonesian 72nd Independence Day.

The parade which took place here on Tuesday also exhibited various dances such as Kecak, Indonesian traditional outfits, Barong and Rangda attraction, Pancer Langit dance and dance parade from Kuta Traditional (Adat Kuta) Village, and was witnessed by the delegation from 18 Provinces.

The festival become a tourist attractions, locally and internationally in Kuta, the spectators were highly enthusiastic when attending the event parade.

Badung's Vice Mayor, I Ketut Suiasa opened the event officially by ranging the gong, along with LPM Kuta's Head, I Gusti Agung Made Agung, Jero Bendesa (Village Chief) Adat Kuta, Badung Tourism Office Head and the spectators around.

"The basic principle of Kuta Sea Sand Land Festival is to show Balinese's identity especially those in Kuta with a strengthening culture," Suiasa said on his speech.

On that parade, it also exhibited the cultural dance created by Guruh Sukarno Putra which amazes the tourists and spectators of the event which held near Kuta Beach.

Suiasa hoped the event would become an annual agenda as a cultural event in Badung.

He said that Badung municipal government also planned to hold various other festival such as Agriculture Cultural Festival in North Badung, Arts and Culture Festival in Central Badung and Bahari Festival in South Badung.

His part asks all stakeholders and people in Badung to have commitment in preserving the cultural-based tourism in Badung, as a town which made of arts and cultures.

LPM Kuta's I Gusti Agung Made Agung added, Sea Sand Land Festival, which was the first time held at Kuta, aimed to preserve Balinese arts and cultures.

"This festival would become the annual agenda to preserve arts and culture of Kuta and Bali in general," he said. (WDY)
Editor: I Gusti Bagus Widyantara